Bath N Body Delights have again expanded their range of products to include their range of gym accessories, with the aspiration to make becoming active as accessible and easy as possible. Whether heading to a gym, running on a footpath or taking a leisurely walk with your favourite fury friend, you can be sure that we have something for everyone.

Our 1 litre water bottles are outstanding. Not only do they promote sustainability by reducing your reliance on disposable plastic water bottles, but they make drinking water easy. Whilst being robust and hard to break, they are lightweight all come with a reliable and strong wrist strap for ease of carrying. At the capacity of 1L, Bath N Body Delights drink bottles match perfectly with most water purifying tablets, making our bottles perfect for any adventure or travelling you may wish to undertake. Available in 3 bright colours, they are sure to stand out amongst the rest, ensuring they are never left behind or forgotten about.

Whether you are a swimmer, runner or someone partaking in gym and strength training you may find a need for a gym towel. The Bath N Body Delights gym towels are made to be compact, making them easy to take with you. The small size and lightweight nature of our gym towels make them ideal for travelling, throw one in your backpack, suitcase or day bag and you will barely notice it is there until you need it. Our soft and comfortable material is what makes our gym towels the perfect addition to any kit built for any purpose.

The introduction of the Bath N Body Delights Gym Bags has delivered a cost effective and quality product to the customer. Our high quality, tubular gym bags are water repellent and include a gusseted inside pocket, perfect for a spare pair of shoes.

The Shower Caddies in the Bath N Body Delights gym accessories range are purpose built for taking your toiletries from one place to another. Simply unzip and hang the caddy on the back of the shower door to have unrestricted access to anything you put inside. Waterproof and built to last, our shower caddies are of the highest quality, making sure everything is safe on your travels. To make it easy for you, Bath N Body Delights have developed some Shower Caddy Packs in which we have selected a variety of our best products to give you a leg up in starting to fill your very own shower caddy.

If you are unable to choose between which of our gym accessories to buy you can always look at our gym packs. Containing a gym bag, drink bottle, gym towel and either a loofah or loofah towel, you will have everything you need at discounted prices.