Sheer Naturals is the premium range offered by GC Spa and considered one of the most sought after skin care products in Australia. The goal of providing affordable, luxury products that have no compromises on their quality or effectiveness is delivered through this naturally derived, complete solution to skin care. All of our natural beauty products in Australia are for the use on any skin type as all of the active ingredients are naturally based.

Our Range

Sheer Naturals Cream Cleanser

The Sheer Naturals Cream Cleanser produces a soft and luxurious lather to leave you skin feeling soft and refreshed. Whilst cleaning the skin as gently as possible, Sheer Naturals Cream Cleanser also helps to remove make-up and any other oil, dirt and grime that may be on your skin. As with all of the Sheer Naturals products, the cleanser is able to be used on all skin types as there are no harmful chemicals used in its production. We recommend the use of the cleanser in the morning as well as at night for the optimum results.

Sheer Naturals Dragons Blood Face & Eye Serum

When science and nature come together, pairing the best naturally derived ingredients available the Sheer Naturals Dragons Blood Face & Eye Serum is produced. With all of the benefits of Heptapeptide-8, Dragons Blood and Licorice Root your skin will achieve an even complexion by reducing the occurrence of dark circles and assisting in the smoothing and evening out of your skin’s surface.

Sheer Naturals Exfoliating Facial Polish

A gentle exfoliant sure to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. The Sheer Naturals Exfoliating Facial Polish is a crucial part of a complete beauty regime. With a textured lather to scrub away the extra layer of clogged pores you skin will feel soft and refreshed. Ideal for all skin types as the Sheer Naturals Exfoliating Facial Polish only contains active ingredients that have been inspired by nature.

Sheer Naturals Q10 Complex Oil

The Sheer naturals Q10 Complex Oil is packed full of the finest natural oils in order to help even out your skin complexion and help relieve the signs of ageing as well as acne and congested skin. Containing Rose Hip and Jojoba Oils, our Q10 Complex Oil assists in the repair of scar tissue and sensitive skin.

Sheer Naturals Rejuvenating Moisturiser with Marine Collagen

Rejuvenate you skin and replenish the lost moisture with Sheer Naturals Rejuvenating Moisturiser with Marine Collagen. Whilst being a soft textured lather, this Sheer Naturals product does not leave your skin feeling oily or waxy only soft, healthy and replenished.

Sheer Naturals Soothing Gel

Sheer Naturals has developed the Sheer Naturals Soothing Gel to assist with relieving the symptoms of insect bites, hair removal or any other process that may aggravate and enflame you skin. Containing Aloevera extract and Cucumber oils the Soothing Gel is a one-stop product for relieving redness, soreness or sensitive skin.