Do Bath Bombs Turn out Beneficial for the Skin?

Author: Karen McDonald   Date Posted:13 December 2017 

Some say that bath bombs make you feel as though you are floating on a painted canvas and nothing else while some claim it to be effective for their skin as well as their senses. With such mixed responses, there are several who are often unconvinced on using bath bombs for their bathing regimes.

The good and the neutral effect of bath bombs on the skin often depend on the ingredients that go into making them. If you have picked something that is nothing but an accumulation of citric acid, baking soda, colours, shimmer and scent, it won’t do that good as there is nothing in them that would benefit or damage your skin in any way. It would simply be the coloured water that would want to relax your senses.

When it comes to purchasing bath bombs that are expensive, you have laid your hands on stuff that have several ingredients in them. Here is what they contain and how they can help your skin get rejuvenated.

Baking Soda – It is a natural cleanser that removes dead skin, gives a supple feeling to the skin, and balances the pH level of the skin while also helping out in getting rid of body acne. If you have an uneven skin tone for any reason, baking soda helps to even it out.

Epsom Salt – Bath bombs that contain Epsom salts are known to be in demand amongst several. It is known to have numerous benefits to its name. Being a naturally occurring mineral, it is known to relieve your muscles cramps, reduces stress and soothes sunburns. When Epsom salts get infused with warm water, your skin tends to absorb it well while helping out with pain relief in the body as well as the joints.

Essential Oils – These are naturally extracted oils that are known to have therapeutic benefits to the body. Also termed as aromatherapy, essential oils when infused with warm water in the bath are known to have healing effects on the body as a whole and aiding to your well being. Your body not just absorbs it but you also get to inhale them. With different therapeutic benefits, you can choose the one that would suit your needs.

Apart from the above ingredients, the presence of other elements such as citric acid, almond oil, flower extracts, etc. help out with keeping your skin conditioned.

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