8 Heath and Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Salt


8 Health and Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is known as the world’s saltiest lake. With a salinity that is 9.6 times higher than the ocean, it is a harsh environment for plants and animals to survive.

Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea was one of the world’s first health resorts. It’s a source of wellness and it attracts thousands of visitors who want to experience natural beauty treatments by soaking in its waters.

The bath salts that are harvested from the Dead Sea has been a prized commodity since ancient times. It is composed of more than 21 known minerals including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide, and zinc. These minerals have all been found to reduce the symptoms of skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis as well as provide relief from rheumatologic conditions.

Here are some of the minerals found in Dead Sea salt:

  • Magnesium – Speeds up healing of tissue and provides the skin with anti-allergic elements.
  • Potassium - Aides in the reduction of water retention which helps balance the moisture in the skin and body.
  • Sodium - A powerful detoxifying agent that purifies skin. It’s also a natural disinfectant.
  • Calcium - Known to strengthen bones and teeth, calcium is also necessary to circulate the blood which in turn help balance sebum and enhances skin hydration.
  • Sulfur - Works as a natural disinfectant and detoxifying agent.  
  • Zinc - Protects the skin from sunburn and windburn. Also helps in fighting against acne.


Over time, we have created so many different products for every skin issues. If we have acne, we treat it with creams and soaps that would usually dry out our skin. Then we buy moisturizers to hydrate our skin but that would end up with us having oily skin. So then we buy another product to counter the oiliness but then end up losing the moisture as well. Why can’t we just have one item to solve all these skin problems?

The solution? Dead Sea salt.

With that, here are 8 benefits of Dead Sea salt that would make you want to add them to your arsenal of beauty and health products (or replace most, if not all, of them).

  1. Reduces Acne

Acne occurs when hair follicles are blocked by dirt, oil and dead skin cells. It is common in adolescents but sometimes affects middle-aged women due to hormonal changes and stress.

Dead Sea salt is high in sulfur, which is a powerful cleanser and has been found to effectively treat acne.

  1. Makes Skin Smooth and Hydrated

Skin becomes dry due to climate and the lack of moisture, especially during the winter season. Soaking in a Dead Sea salt bath is a wonderful treatment for the skin. According to a study made in 2005, bathing in Dead Sea salt significantly improves skin hydration and reduces roughness and inflammation. This is due to magnesium which is the most prevalent mineral in the Dead Sea.  

  1. Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

For years, people have been searching for ways to defy time and slow down the ageing process. However, due to stress, pollution and sun exposure, our skin becomes less resilient, thus aging faster than we want it to be.

The minerals in Dead Sea salt has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling. They are known to moisturise, detoxify and soften the skin, making you not only look younger but feel younger as well.

  1. Reduces Cellulite
    Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the inner layer of your skin where it rises to the surface, creating a dimpled and lumpy appearance. The minerals in Dead Sea salt detoxifies your body by breaking down the toxin deposits that are trapped below your skin’s surface, improving the overall look of your skin and minimising cellulite.


  2. Treats Hair Loss and Dandruff
    Yes, Dead Sea salt can help with hair loss too! Hair loss can be due to diet, heredity, hormone fluctuation, stress, or age. Sulfur in the Dead Sea salt helps in improving hair strength while boosting hair growth at the same time. It also cleanses your scalp of dandruff flakes and preventing it from occurring again. Massaging the salt into the scalp has been shown to improve circulation, stimulate hair growth while relieving you of stress.

  3. Rids You of Bad Breath
    Another surprising benefit of the Dead Sea salt is helping you fight against bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria build up on your teeth, tongue and gums. Gargling with Dead Sea salt daily helps clean your mouth with its antibacterial properties. It also helps strengthen your gums and protect it against tartar.


  1. Soothes Sore Muscles and Joints
    If you’re suffering from sore muscles and joints, Dead Sea salt is for you. Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, muscle cramps and other rheumatological conditions can be effectively treated with Dead Sea salts. Sodium and bromide found in Dead Sea salt, are great detoxifying agents and can generally relieve muscle cramps. Soaking in a warm Dead Sea salt bath helps improve blood circulation, providing effective relief from joint swelling, soreness and stiffness.


  1. Relieves Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema
    The usual treatment for these skin disorders can be temporary, expensive, and painful. Most prescribed creams and lotions are not effective and can have harmful side effects. Researchers show that regular Dead Sea salt baths can provide relieve the itchiness and help disinfect the skin.


Dead Sea salt manages and treats a wide variety of conditions. Even back in the biblical times, it’s health and beauty benefits are already known. The best thing about Dead Sea salt is it’s free from harsh chemicals.

A fair warning though, do not shave before using Dead Sea salt on your skin otherwise you’ll understand why it’s called “rubbing salt into the wound”.

What’s the next step?

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